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Glass art jewelry pieces are original designs and one-of-a-kind: no two are exactly alike.  You can see more necklaces, bracelets, and more by clicking on Edgewater Gallery on the menu tab.

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Edgewater Gallery is located at 356 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA (near Glass Beach)

Illuminating Glass Art

Glass art plates, candle holders, and other decorative designs to brighten your home, office, or a unique gift for someone special.

CHECK OUT: BB's Ocean Collection. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made from select pieces of hand picked abalone, exotic pearls, and precious stones.

JUNE, 2019 ~ Edgewater Gallery Featured Artist

Barbara Bonardi

BB Window w EG

Since 1993

Have you seen anything more beautiful?


I absolutely love working with glass!  I guess my first interest in the medium were the stained glass windows of churches I visited in Europe.  But it would be years before I indulged in glass art.  I stayed with other mediums, including oil painting, watercolor, and multimedia.  But after visiting the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle, WA, glass art was added to my pallet .  I explored all the various forms of glass art design, including stained glass windows, multimedia glass art, glass-on-glass designs, and fusible glass jewelry and designs.


(Photo by BB: Atrium at the Chihuly Museum, Seattle, WA, 2015)